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An integral part of the GTS cold chain solution is our web-based Cold Chain Portal.  Our Cold Chain Portal is powered by ezTRACK, an EPCIS-standard web-based application developed by a solution partner of ours, GS1 Hong Kong, and compatible with various technologies, including radio frequency identification (RFID), bar code, global positioning systems (GPS), and sensors.  The GTS Cold Chain Portal is easily accessed through the web with an internet connection, as well as easily integrated into a company's existing enterprise software system.

Management teams do not have the information they need when they need it, resulting in poor decision-making regarding how best to optimize supply chains and get product to market safely and quickly. This mandate is especially critical with regards to perishables, such as produce and fruit, and pharmaceuticals goods. In creating a customized Cold Chain Portal for our customers, Global Tracking Systems is able to push critical identification, point of origin, waypoint history and product condition information (including historical temperature and humidity data analysis) to management teams, better enabling their real-time decision-making. Data from RFID tags are read at pre-defined waypoints along the supply chain, including at customer warehouses, and freight terminals. As this information is read using fixed or handheld readers, this information is then automatically uploaded onto the Global Tracking Systems Cold Chain Portal, where the data is presented in a user-friendly dashboard for ready analysis and intelligent decision-making. Managers along the supply chain can log in to our Cold Chain Portal through a secure Internet portal to view real-time product movements, key events, and data analysis. Additionally, managers (or customers) downstream can monitor the Portal for incoming shipments and better prepare and prioritize, further increasing operational efficiency and efficacy.

Our Cold Chain Portal can be customized to include whatever information a customer wants, including custom graphs and charts showing temperature trending data, temperature excursion analyses when product temperatures exceed a "low" or "high" threshold, map functionality depicting waypoint data, real-time location information via GPS and cellular technology, and many other capabilities.  Information is stored securely on our server and is viewable only by authorized users.  Customers can also choose to share data and analysis with their own suppliers and create end-to-end accountability.