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Cold chain solutions offered by Global Tracking Systems are seamlessly integrated into existing supply chain systems, allowing companies a way to solve their temperature monitoring issues while also improving supply chain efficiency and inventory management.  Our solutions push back critical data to management teams in real-time, and allow them to make smart decisions on the move as to whether their product shipments have remained viable and secure.  The old way of thinking about a company's supply chain was FIFO (first-in, first-out).  With Global Tracking Systems' cold chain solution, a new, updated operating model can be implemented by management teams that is better suited for cold chain management, FEFO (first-expiry, first-out).

Whether cold chain is required for fresh food, seafood, meat and poultry, milk-based products, frozen food, chemical / pharmaceutical products, or vaccines, Global Tracking Systems has a solution for your unique needs.  Our solutions accomplish the below.
  • enhance shelf & vase life
  • reduce shrink
  • create a "safety chain" for food & pharmacy
  • deliver on freshness guarantees
  • increase sales before expiration dates
  • reduce labor costs
  • improve trace-back, anti-counterfeit, and ePedigree
  • theft and diversion prevention
  • electronic document integration
  • reduce carbon footprint
In building out our customized solutions for each customer, our team implements various components, including Class-3 BAP RFID tags, antennas and handheld or fixed readers, cellular devices, GPS location technology, as well as a fully-customized Cold Chain Portal that is either linked to a company's internal server or linked to ezTRACK, developed by one of our key solution partners GS1 Hong Kong.  Please see below for additional information.
  • GTS provides pallet / reusable transport item (RTI) level RFID tags to track individual lots of goods.
  • Various types of data are recordable, including waypoint, location, time, temperature and sales and purchase order information.
  • Temperature and humidity data is recorded and measured as a function of time elapsed, and further segmented based on user preferences.
  • Tag memory records "over or under the range" events to pinpoint abnormal lots of goods for analysis and special attention.
  • Recorded memory data can be used for advanced shelf-life calculation and adjustments to prevent health hazards using the GTS Food Safety Server and Cold Chain Portal.
  • Insurance adjustments and verification functionality.
  • The ezTRACK / GTS Cold Chain Portal offers worldwide track, trace and monitoring on all transport goods to achieve end-to-end visibility, which can be interfaced with companies’ technology and software to achieve greater ROI.
  • Newer technology that GTS has developed includes the ability for managers to read information directly from shipped containers and packaging directly using 2-D barcode technology.  With the simple snap of a smartphone camera - point of origin information, waypoint data, temperature trend information, and other analysis is in the palm of your hand.