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At GTS, we are passionate about transforming logistics systems and innovating the way in which companies monitor and secure their global supply chains.  Our overarching goal as a company is to help our customers identify, locate and monitor the condition of their products while in transit ("ILC").

A lot of companies can buy off-the-shelf products, however, technology is sophisticated and difficult to integrate together into a single functional system.  This is where GTS steps in - our team specializes in the integration of disparate technologies, including RFID, GPS and cellular technologies, and customized software, to create end-to-end solutions for cold chain and asset monitoring applications.  What results is a versatile solution that allows companies to identify the location and real-time condition (e.g., temperature, tampering, etc.) of their shipments as product is moved downstream in the supply chain.

We believe our solutions are best-in-breed, and we pride ourselves in offering solutions that not only are reasonably priced, but easy to implement
  • minimal infrastructure is required
  • installation and full implementation is straightforward and easy to accomplish
  • return-on-investment ("ROI") is quick to achieve
We develop solutions for numerous applications across multiple industries
  • cold chain solutions (for perishables & pharmaceuticals)
  • personnel tracking and monitoring
  • container security and monitoring (shipping & trucking)
  • reusable transport item (RTI) track and trace, and
  • many more applications